Vi.Te is synonymous with artisanal wine,
that expresses the flavor of the land it comes from
and is born from diversity, knowledge and presence.

The winemaker – through the everyday acts of farming – creates his or her own personal relationship with the land and the wine.

We are pleased to celebrate this relationship, and at the same time contribute to the development and promotion of the culture of natural and artisanal wine, and organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Vi.Te unites producers from all over the world who strive to express themselves through transparency, authenticity, and individuality.
Our wines are produced with a respect for all living beings and aspire to be the authentic expression of the places where they are made.


Vi.Te -Vignaioli e Territori is a non-profit cultural association

formed in 2012, with the characteristics and aims expressed in this statute.
 Among the various activities carried out by the Association, Vi.Te has organized the seven editions of ViViT

(2012-2018), and created the exclusive invitation-only event AREAViTe.
In 2019 the first Vi.Te event will take place within Vinitaly, 
completely organized by the Association and enriched by a series of important international seminaries and masterclasses.
The current membership fee is set at € 500,00 per member.

At the moment the new subscriptions are suspended, but IF YOU ARE A WINEMAKER WHO WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE VI.TE – VIGNAIOLI E TERRITORIdownload this form, where you’ll find all the instructions for telling us about yourself and your experience.